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Title : Impact of weather factor on shoot borer of sugarcane incidence in new cauvery delta region of Tamilnadu and its management.

Abstract :

Surveys and surveillance were conducted in sugarcane fields both in plant and ratoon crops distributed in Orthanadu and Vallam block in New Cauvery delta area of Thanjavur dictrict during three consecutive years 2019- 22 with an objective to assess the incidence of Early shoot borer in New Cauvery delta area of Thanjavur dictrict. Fortnightly fixed plot observation was taken. The Maximium and minimum temperature, RH and quantity of rain and rainy days also recorded daily and consolidated on monthly basis and weather parameters were correlated with the incidence of Early shoot borer. The results revealed that the maximum incidence of early shoot borer 36.5 percent. The result shows that the average temperature is positively correlated (r = 0.6690) with incidence of shoot borer and negatively correlated with rainfall (r = -0.7134) and humidity (r = -0.0903). In the field trial combination of Single bud treated with Trichoderma asperellum (TNAU)@ 4 g l-1 + soil application @ 2.5 kg ha-1 along with S4 (Intercropping with sunhemp + installation of sex pheromone traps @ 50 ha-1 (mass trapping) + need based spraying of Cartaphydrachloride @ 1kg ha-1) effectively increases the germination percentage of 85.16 % and decrease the shoot borer incidence by 45 percent which is significantly different from other treatment.

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