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Title : Impact of Migration on the Life of Rural Youth in Haryana

Abstract :

Migration from rural areas to urban areas has become an inevitable phenomenon during the last two decades. Industrialization of urban areas, investment opportunities, growing service industry, food security, better health infrastructure, education facilities and growing aspirations are some of the factors responsible for the migration in India. Agriculture plays an important role in rural economy but this sector is not lucrative and as a result rural farming youths are currently more interested in going to cities for acquiring necessary skills for getting jobs in private sector rather than working in fields. This study was conducted in Hisar and Bhiwani districts of Haryana and a sample size of 196 rural youths (96 fully migrated + 96 partially migrated) were selected for the study. Findings revealed that unstable income, lesser employment, repeated crop failures were the push factors responsible for migration of rural youths. Higher wages, better jobs and better standard of livings in cities were the major pull factors motivating rural youths to migrate towards cities. Further, socio-economic & psychological variables such as age, education, farm size, non-farm skills, proximity to town, economic motivation, risk orientation, self-reliance & self confidence have positive and significant relationship with migration behaviour of rural youth whereas, income expectancy, comfort expectancy, stimulation expectancy and affiliation expectancy have significant but negative relationship with migration behaviour. Also, regression analysis showed that seventeen independent variables selected for the study could explain 59.40 per cent variation in the migration behaviour of rural youth.

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