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Title : Impact of Integrated Management practices against Cassava Mosaic Disease in Tamil Nadu

Abstract :

An experiment was conducted to evaluate the efficacy of physical, cultural, biological, antiviral and chemical management practices individually and integrated disease management against cassava mosaic disease during 2018-2020 under field conditions at Tapioca and Castor Research Station, Yethapur. Among the treatments, hot water treatment @ 520C for 20 minutes+ Yellow sticky trap @ 20 nos. /ac + Foliar spraying of Spirotetramat 150 OD @ 0.14g/ lit at 30 and 45 DAP has decreased cassava mosaic disease incidence (47.22 per cent), whitefly population (3.75 nos./leaf) and increased the tuber yield (52.23t/ha) compared to control.

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