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Title : Impact of fertilizers and manure on growth, yield attributes, nutrient uptake by rice and soil properties in a Vertisol under STCR approach

Abstract :

The experiment was conducted at the Research Field of Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry, JNKVV, Jabalpur during the Kharif season of 2015 under AICRP on STCR to evaluate the impact of NPK integrated with FYM under STCR approach on performance of rice and change in properties of a Vertisol. Application of 147, 117, and 64 kg N, P2O5, and K2O along with 5t FYM ha-1 was produced significantly highest yield attributes 1.45,12.13,21.57, 19.85,111.73,2.79,,24.97 at 30, 60, and 90 DAS and harvest, respectively over control and GRD. Significantly higher yields of grain (5.75 t ha-1), straw (7.57 t ha-1) and total Ca, Mg, and S uptake by rice (27.11, 18.17, and 14.36 kg ha-1) was obtained with the higher doses of NPK along with FYM as compared to those obtained under control. Application of NPK integrated with FYM (T6) was significantly improved in EC, organic carbon, available N, P, and K contents in post-harvest surface and sub-surface soils over control and fertilizers alone. Soil test-based integrated nutrient management maximizes yield attributes, yields, Ca, Mg, S uptake by rice, and improved soil fertility in a Vertisol.

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