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Title : Identification of Climate Change Adaptation Strategies and Factors Influencing the Choice of the Strategies in the Temperate Region of Himachal Pradesh

Abstract :

Climate change poses a significant threat to the agricultural development in developing countries, where the majority of the population relies on natural-resource-based livelihoods. Further, it also put negative impact on community socio-economic status, quashes progress toward development goals, and poses a general threat to long-term development. In this regard, effective adaptations strategies are crucial for sustainable agriculture and water resources development. Therefore, present study was conducted to identify the climate change adaptation strategies and factors affecting choices of strategies in temperate region of Himachal Pradesh. Multistage random sampling technique was used for the selection of sample of 312 farmers for the collection of primary data. The results revealed that average family size was 5.46 persons and literacy rate was found to be 94.10 per cent in the temperate region. Agriculture was found to be the most common occupation in the study area with 76.44 per cent of sampled farmers engaged in it. Further, it is reported that optimal crop switching, change in cropping calendar, improvement in irrigation practices and crop diversification are the major adaptation strategies adopted by the farmers in the temperate region to mitigate the impact of climate change. However, farmers’ ability to adapt to climate change has been challenged by numerous barriers and high cost of adaptation, lack of access to improved varieties and technologies and limited knowledge on adaptation measures are the main barriers affecting the adaptation measures to climate change in the temperate region.

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