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Title : ICT in Agricultural Higher Education: Investigating the flowers and flaws

Abstract :

This study aimed to determine the impact of digital technologies on agricultural graduates of Indian State Agricultural Universities. An investigation into the effects of digital tools on academic development with the students was conducted. The sample consisted of 1438 undergraduate students and 327 faculty members belonging to ten State Agricultural Universities of India comprising twenty diverse agricultural sciences colleges selected through the Simple Random Sampling method. Data were collected with the help of a semi-structured interview schedule developed for the purpose, along with informal observation and discussions. The students under study agreed on the impact of ICTs in saving time, giving accurate information, easing the exchange of ideas, and keeping up-to-date information. Though ICTs are supposed to be associated with a positive impact, there are still some negative impacts of ICT as perceived by the students. Most of the students linked ICT with health problems/lack of physical activity, reduced personal interaction and a threat to security and privacy. Students are reluctant to attend classes, insufficient use of the library, wastage of time in net surfing, over-dependence on ICT, social media distraction, spurious information, duplication of research and critical reading and writing skills of students To attract students to attend classes, blended learning and innovative ICT methodologies should be used apart from PowerPoint Presentations.

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