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Title : Hand held singulated pneumatic seeder for customized spaced mat nursery to achieve single seedling rice transplanter

Abstract :

SRI (System of Rice Intensification) transplanter requirement is to pick and place single seedlings, it was planned to grow the seedlings themselves in a grid like sparse pattern on a typical transplanter’s tray nursery. In spaced rice mat nursery, single seed was to be sown in each grid. For transplanting one hectare at spacing of 240 × 240 mm, 345 nursery trays are required and it is highly tedious to sowmanually. For developing pneumatic seeding, the physical properties of rice varieties used in Southern India are ASD 18, ASD 16, ADT 36, ADT 43 and KDML 105 were studied. Based on these results, the pneumatic seeding device was constructed with a hollow picker box of 456 × 244 × 42 mm and its bottom surface with a grid of equispaced picker holes of 0.7 mm at spacing of 15.7 × 12 mm that correspond to picking and placing singulated seeds on the mat surface at a single stroke.An experiment was done at all eight suction pressure levels (0.66, 0.8, 1.06, 1.27, 1.6, 1.87, 3.46 and 4.27 kPa), and on three varieties of seeds namely ADT 43 (medium slender), ASD 16(short bold) and KDML (long slender). A multinomial regression was tried on the observed data of the number of seeds picked by each picker hole of the developed picker device and the modelling provided an opportunity to fix the suction level required for maximum singulation of selected varieties as 1.87 kPa, rendering 70 to 80% singulation.

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