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Title : Growth of Rapeseed & Mustard Output in Rajasthan: A Component Analysis

Abstract :

To examine the major factors contributing to high growth performance of Rapeseed and Mustard in Rajasthan. The time series data on area, production, productivity and farm harvest prices of rapeseed - mustard grown in Rajasthan were collected and compiled. The data were separated into two decadal periods i.e. Period I (1997-98 to 2007-08), Period II (2008-09 to 2017-18), and Overall Period (1997-98 to 2017-18). Descriptive statistics like CV and CGR have been used to analyze the data. In order to decompose whole transform in the value of production), price effect was also calculated. There was a significant increase in productivity of rapeseed & mustard in the state. The rapeseed & mustard crop recorded highly significant growth in farm harvest price. The yield effect was the most powerful factor in the change of value of production of selected crop during study period in the state. Area under study crop had contributed negative effect towards the value of it and it was the highest negative effect (-715.57%) during overall study period. It may also be noted that the price effect was the powerful force which accounted for more than 70 per cent increase in value of production during period II and 199.40 per cent in overall period. Yield and prices of rapeseed & mustard crop contributed highest increase in value of this crop during the study period. Therefore, in addition to farm harvest prices, productivity of the rapeseed & mustard has also greater bearing on the income of the farmer.

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