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Title : Growth and variability in sorghum production in Bhilwara district vis-à-vis Rajasthan

Abstract :

The purpose of this research is to look at the variations in sorghum crop area, production, and productivity in Bhilwara district and Rajasthan state. The investigation was carried out using secondary data. For the years TE 1990-91 to TE 2019-20, data was gathered from a variety of government publications and websites. The compound growth rate, coefficient of variation (CV) and instability index, effects of area, productivity and their interactions towards increasing production are also computed. Sorghum crop in Bhilwara district and Rajasthan state grew annually with compound growth of 1.40 and -0.36 percent in area, 5.65 and 2.63 percent in production, and 4.20 and 3.07 percent in productivity. The instability in terms of Cuddy Della Valle Index in the sorghum area, production, and yield in Bhilwara district was found to be 11.85, 42.99, and 38.62 percent, respectively, while it was found to be 7.27, 19.78, and 16.56 percent in Rajasthan. The relative contribution of yield, area, and their interaction (area and yield) in Bhilwara district was 79.60, 19.46, and 0.94 percent, while in Rajasthan it was 250.25, -163.80, and 13.55 percent, respectively.

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