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Title : Genome Modification for Improving Quality and Productivity of Horticultural Crops

Abstract :

Horticulture crops are the important part of human’s life as they provide many valuable products. Efforts are continuously going on to improve the quality of these crops by modifying their genome. Previously, researchers have introgressed new traits from their crossable relatives by using conventional breeding. However, the conventional breeding is time-consuming and tedious due to the loss of the genetic diversity by domestication and less availability of the donor species. With the advent of sequencing technology, it becomes easier to screen the genome of the wild relatives. Though, due to the incompatibility of the wild relatives with the cultivated ones, it becomes difficult to introgress new traits by crossing. To overcome these barriers, other techniques including tissue culture, mutagenesis and genetic engineering have been developed to modify the genome of the crops. The combination of these techniques along with the breeding has greatly enhanced the quality and productivity of the horticulture crops. Till date various horticulture crops has been genetically modified and released as commercial varieties. This review insight the techniques of the genome modification used to improve the horticulture crops.

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