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Title : Genetic variability in different accessions of Asparagus racemosus under Jammu sub-tropics

Abstract :

Twenty accessions of Shatavar (Asparagus racemosus) were evaluated under subtropical conditions of Jammu region in a three replicate randomized block design to estimate growth performance, genetic variation, broad sense heritability and correlation between yield and yield components. The accessions IC471923 (3.98 tons ha-1), IC471922 (3.88 tons ha-1), IC471911(3.84 tons ha-1) and IC471909 (3.50 tons ha-1) had highest tuber dry weight (tons ha-1) and showed high performance for other characters. They proved to be the most promising accessions in sub tropics of Jammu region. High heritability combined with high genetic advance was marked for clump weight per plant (77.01%, 78.05%), number of tubers per plant (66.41%, 53.56 %), tubers fresh weight per plant (84.62%, 88.29%) and tubers dry weight per plant (85.47%, 86.70%). High positive correlation was found between clump weight and fresh weight of tubers per plant (0.989) followed by fresh weight of tubers per plant and dry weight of tubers per plant (0.985) and clump weight and dry weight of tubers per plant (0.976). From the present investigation, it is found that IC471923, IC471922, IC471911and IC471909 are elite in terms of greater dry tuber yield and clump weight per plant, number of tubers per plant, and fresh and dry weight per plant and can be used for selection in asparagus improvement programme.

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