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Title : Genetic diversity through D2 and cluster analysis for structural and economic traits in yardlong bean (Vigna unguiculata var sesquipedalis L.) under rainfed semi-arid conditions of Gujarat

Abstract :

The experiment was carried out at Central Horticultural Experiment Station, ICAR- CIAH Godhra, Gujarat. The genetic diversity was assessed to seventy genotypes of yardlong bean for three consecutive growing seasons during 2020, 2021 and 2022 for nine quantitative traits viz., plant height, number of branches per plant number of pods per plant, pod length, pod girth, pod weight, Days to first flower, days to fist harvest and pod yield per plant. The maximum inter cluster D2 value was observed between cluster I and cluster IV (54.85) followed by cluster II and cluster IV (51.83) which exhibits the wider genetic diversity which showed the wider genetic diversity among the genotypes of these clusters. The contribution of individual character to genetic divergence mainly comes from the traits like pod length (30.35%), pod weight (21.74%), number of pods per plant (19.92%), days to first flowering (15.82%). The various patterns of clusters shows the valuable traits for attaining high pod yield was present in cluster IV followed by cluster V. The cluster IV having higher mean values with respect to plant height, number of branches per plant, pods per plant and pod yield per plant. Whereas, the cluster V having higher mean values for pod length, pod girth and pod weight. The cluster II having higher mean values for earliness like days to first flowering and days to first harvest. Thus, more weightage should be given to the cluster IV and cluster V for yield and yield attributes and clusters II for earliness for parental selection and development of variety in future breeding programme of yardlong bean.

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