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Title : Gaining wealth from crop wastages: A case of Herbal Colors from unsold raw vegetables

Abstract :

In 2016, the Government of India formed a Committee on Doubling Farmers Income to suggest ways and strategies to double farmers’ income in India within a period of five years. In 2018, the committee submitted its holistic report in fourteen volumes to the Government to address the issues in Indian Agriculture and to uplift its status from subsistence to an enterprise. Of several recommendations, the committee suggested promoting secondary agriculture i.e. raising a secondary economy in rural India which means rural enterprises. The committee strongly believed that secondary agriculture can not only augment farm household incomes, it can also create enormous employment opportunities in rural India. One of the secondary agriculture avenues suggested by the committee were those that utilize crop waste or residues and turn them into wealth. This paper presents the need, scope and opportunities for secondary agriculture in rural India highlighting the potential of waste to wealth generating enterprises. Taking an example of unsold vegetables, the study makes an attempt to present the annual profitability of such an enterprise. Results reveal that an unit of 30000 Kg production per annum has the potential of generating a Benefit Cost Ratio of 1.68 and 1200 mandays of annual employment.

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