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Title : Friction Characteristic of Bearing Alloy Steel used in Tractor

Abstract :

The purpose on this research is to examine friction characteristics of bearing alloy steel with paraffin oil lubrication and nitrogen gas lubrication in the cylinder block on tractor. Bearing steel is a type of steel with high resistance to wear, relatively low cost, and superior mechanical properties. An experiment was done to analyze the friction characteristics without using a coating treatment. The friction tests were performed using a pin-on-disk tester. Friction tests were conducted with different loads of 2 to 10 N and sliding velocities of 0.06 to 0.34 m/s using bearing steel. The experiment was done with nitrogen lubrication and paraffin oil lubrication. Paraffin oil lubricant was used to prevent wear during process. Nitrogen is shown to be effective for reducing the friction coefficient of bearing steel materials that are in contact with each other and subjected to a load and velocity.

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