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Title : Fortifying Telemedicine Through an Intelligent Voice Reaction Administration for Rural Indians

Abstract :

One of the major socio-economic issues of the rural India is healthcare. This paper is proposed for a system that will provide telemedicine service to the rural India. Interactive Voice Response(IVR) is a developing tool for providing general and detailed telemedicine services. Mobile phones being the primary communication device in developing India, an integrated Interactive Voice Response service provided through mobile phones for telemedicine will be a beneficial act. In India, various providers provide IVR services. One of them is the KOOKOO cloud telephony service. This service can be made available to all the mobile phone users of the country regardless of the model and specification. Implementing an IVR service for telemedicine will carve a new way, as this system can be more effective with reduced cost. Existing use of IVR in telemedicine includes outpatient reviews and doctor’s appointment system, which are not more in reach to the patients. But the proposed system can be used by the whole of the population of India by their handheld mobile phones. The major advantage of this system will be the fact that the user of the service (In rural cases farmers and tertiary workers) need not be aware of working model. That is, the user can still be benefited even if they don’t have any basic knowledge about the system.

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