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Title : Formulation and Synthesis of Pyro-Oil Derived Insect Repellent

Abstract :

Despite the abundance of palm-based residues produced, by-products of thermochemical processing, such as bio-oil, may create value-added products to the palm industry. The palm-based derived from bio-oil contains high concentration of aromatic compounds. This study aims to assess the formulations of major insect repellent ingredients (bio-oil as carrier for inert ingredient as well as active ingredient (AI) from lemongrass oil), to test and recommend the most effective insect repellents formulation for the mosquito species studied. Five different cream formulations were created and tested, each with a different bio-oil and AI from lemongrass extract. Based on five different cream formulations, Set C demonstrated the most effective repellency with an equal ratio of bio-oil and lemongrass extract. Set C takes the longest time to repel mosquitoes from white mice, taking 20-21 minutes at a composition ratio of 2:2 to repel mosquitoes. A few tweaks can be made to improve insect repellency efficiency, such as varying the concentration and type of active ingredient and the number of mosquitoes sampled for experiment. Hence, this study adds to our understanding of palm-based residues management towards better environment.

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