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Title : Formation of Camelina sativa yield depending on the level of mineral fertilization under conditions of Precarpathians

Abstract :

The influence of growing technology elements of Camelina sativa, in particular, influence of different fertilizer doses on yielding capacity of Camelina sativa plants under conditions of Precarpathians of Ukraine has been studied. Main results of three-year research concerning improvement of existing technologies of growing Camelina sativa variety Girsky depending on the background of mineral nutrition and application of micro-fertilizers and growth stimulants which would maximize varietal characteristics of the crop and meet the needs of farmers have been presented. It was found that the highest yield of Camelina sativa 1.95 t/ha had been obtained with application of mineral fertilizers in a dose of N30P45K45+N60, which was 0.99 t/ha more than in the control. The lowest yield - 0.96 t/ha was obtained in the control variant (without fertilizers).

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