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Abstract :

The study aims at finding the extent of farmers knowledge about happy seeder technology of wheat sowing in standing paddy stubbles and correlation with their personal attributes, was conducted in Ambala & Kurukshetra district of Haryana state with the sample of 160 respondents of twenty villages. As per results, however, majority of the farmers were belonged to full and partial level of knowledge about some Aspects/Items (Those were related to benefits of happy seeder and suitable type of tractor for operating it), out of Thirteen Aspects/Items, selected and listed in interview schedule for the study, such as Happy seeder is a time and fuel-saving technology, Happy seeder technology is an Eco-friendly technology, Happy seeder improves soil health and, Compatible tractor type and its HP for operating the machine. But, even that, they had little knowledge about the remaining Aspects/Items, Therefore, their overall knowledge about the HS was less, in fact, the majority of farmers possessed a low level of expertise about Happy seeder technology as a whole. So, most of the respondents were belonged to low level category of Overall knowledge towards Happy Seeder Technology. In case of personal traits, it was found that those attributes which had taken in the study, were found to have positively correlated but only one trait i.e. age was negatively correlated with knowledge level of farmers.

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