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Title : Factors responsible for restraining stimulatory (Stand-Up) phase and strategic model to strengthen entrepreneurship-Study in context of food processing in rural Haryana

Abstract :

The core objective of present article is to identify the restraining factors affects the stand-up phase of food processing entrepreneurship and on the basis of outcomes reflected an integrated strategic model developed to strengthen the stimulation in entrepreneurship. For this purpose, 160 entrepreneurs engaged in Micro, small and medium units were selected from four industrially sound districts of Haryana. As being prominent agrarian state in India, food processing entrepreneurship was considerd the most favourable venture to stand-up. Data was collected personally through interview schedule. Analysis was done to understand the severity of percieved factors based on weighted mean score obtained and ranked them accordingly. Unhealthy economic situation in rural areas; heavy government taxes and poor implementation of schemes; ambiguity in selection of product were identified as highly serious factors whereas technically unsound, low awareness political unwill and untrained youth were few serious factors responsible for restraining entery to food processing entrepreneurship. The seriousness of the factors was based on computed Z score. On the basis of estimated outcomes, expert opinion and reviewed literature, a strategic model has framed to ensure the integrated efforts of all stakeholders associated with the development of entrepreneurship in the state.

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