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We reporting here on determining the effect of extracts of such medicinal plants as Maral root and stinging nettle, when feeding recipient cows in a dry period, on the prevention of postpartum complications in animals and a reduction in the recovery period of the reproductive system. It was found that on the 30th day in animals that received additional medicinal extracts in the diet, an increase in the content of neutrophils and platelets in the blood and protein fractions of blood serum was observed, which indicates an increase in the resistance of the animal's body. An increase in the bactericidal, lysozyme activity of the blood serum of recipient cows and the phagocytic activity of leukocytes also indicates an increase in the immune response of the animal's body in response to the penetration of foreign microflora into the body. According to the results of the studies, it was recommended to add a two-component phytobiotic feed additive to the main diet based on extracts of medicinal plants Maral root and stinging nettle at a dose of 50 g per head per day in the ratio of components: 100 kg of compound feed, 0.5 kg of maral root extract, 2, 5 kg of stinging nettle extract.

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