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Title : Exploring agro-morphological traits for yield attributing factors in rice landraces

Abstract :

This study characterized thirty-five rice landraces and six checks for agro-morphological traits associated with yield, conducted at the College of Post Graduate Studies in Agricultural Sciences, Central Agricultural University, Meghalaya during the kharif season of 2022. Traits such as Days to 50 % flowering (DTF), Filled grain per plant (FGPP), Plant height (PH), Panicle Length (PL), Panicle number (PN), Plot yield (PY), Spikelet Fertility (SF) and Spikelet per panicle (SPP) were evaluated using Augmented Randomized Complete Block Design. Analysis revealed significant differences among treatments, checks, and treatment vs. check for all traits. Moderate genetic variability was observed, emphasizing the need for further improvement through hybridization and selective breeding. High heritability coupled with genetic advance highlighted the role of additive gene effects. Correlation analysis identified positive relationships between yield and traits viz FGPP, PL, PN, and SPP. Principal Component Analysis and cluster analysis aided in grouping landraces based on traits, offering valuable insights for future breeding programs. The study contributes essential information for identifying and selecting promising landraces for improving rice yield.

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