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Title : Experimental Observations Rheological Behavior Aluminum Oxide and Multiwall Carbon Nanotube Dispersants in a Mixture of Water and Ethylene Glycol Hybrid Nanofluid

Abstract :

Micro and nano colloidal suspensions in conventional fluids are identified as potential fluids for heat transfer cooling applications. The pumping power of any fluid mainly depends upon the viscosity of the working fluid. In this present work, the viscosity of the nanofluid is compared with conventional fluids. The hybrid nanofluid viscosity and shear stress are measured by varying the shear rate from 0-500s-1. The nanoparticles are composite MWCNT and aluminium oxide (10:90) ratio percent by weight or (13:87) ratio percent by volume. The coolant mixture of (80:20) % volume water and ethylene glycol has good antifreeze properties. The rheological properties are measured for volume fractions 0.004-0.028% and various temperatures from 25oC- 55oC. The findings showed that the viscosity increased with the loading of nanoparticles along with the decrease in temperature. Hybrid nanofluid's viscosity rises to 9.9% of base fluid at 25oC for premier volume fraction 0.028%. Shear stresses the shear strain rate following the linear trend for all the volume fractions, obeying Newton's Viscosity law called Newtonian fluids.

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