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Title : Execution of Video- Preparing and Control on a Zynq Soc Stage

Abstract :

This paper represents a hardware and software co-design for real-time video processing module which is a vital part of a smart camera system [1-3]. Video surveillance is the main application of this work. As part of implementation required peripherals, the platform contains a Zynq board device and the OV7670 camera module. In order to develop the required hardware and software co-design in an integrated fashion, Xilinx VIVADO 15.2 and SDK 15.2 is used. To implement the real-time motion picture capture and display functionality of the camera module, OV7670 camera and a VGA monitor have been interfaced with the Zynq platform. This interfacing uses p mod connectors and VGA connector on the Zynq board. The programmable logic is done using the VHDL coding. The application software, written in C language, runs on top of a hardware platform which is opted as standalone in the SDK and uses the provided application programmer interface (API) by the hardware platform. From the device utilization summary, we can observe that, with the proposed hardware and software co-design based video acquisition module, are sufficient for implementing any reasonably complex video processing application in real-time

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