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Title : Evolving contours of changing climate and its perception by farming community in hilly region: a micro study from Jharkhand, India

Abstract :

Climate change is a natural process, but its pace has been accelerated by human interventions that draw attention of academicians, researchers and policymakers. Since last few decades it remained central theme of global discussion but general perception particularly among farming community is far from satisfactory. Agriculture is intricately interlinked with climate; hence any adverse change in climate will adversely affect agriculture. In this back ground, present study undertaken. The findings of the study revealed significant increase in maximum temperature and decrease in minimum temperature. At the same time annual precipitation found declining. Overall 72.5 per cent farming community found perceived the change across season. In nut shell, this is the first report on emerging contours of changing climate in the hilly region supplemented with community perception that may be foundation stone for future climate smart initiatives in the region.

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