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Title : Evaluation of tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L.) genotypes for genetic variability, heritability and genetic advance under semi-arid conditions of Haryana (India).

Abstract :

The present investigation was conducted to access the relative performance, genetic variability, heritability and genetic gain in selected set of tomato germplasm, consisting of twenty genotypes along with one standard check variety. The experiment was laid under completely randomized block design (RBD) in three replications at Regional Research Station Karnal, CCS Haryana Agricultural University, during the spring summer season of 2019-20. The observations were recorded for twenty-one parameters pertaining to the morpho-phenological, yield and quality traits in tomato. Statistics from analysis of variance showed substantial differences among the genotypes unveiling the plausible presence of significant genetic variability within the selected germplasm which could be positively exploited in crop improvement programmes. The cynosure of this investigation was yield per hectare (q) which observed moderate GCV (13.67), PCV (13.77) and high heritability (98.57%) coupled with high genetic advance (27.96%). The genotypes namely Castle Rock, PNR-7, DVRT-2, DVRT-6, H-86 and Punjab Upma were found superior in terms of both overall yield and quality, whereas, PHS, H-86, Pusa Gaurav and Palam Pink were found superior in terms of earliness and quality traits.

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