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Title : Evaluation of the Elite Strains of Acid Lime (Citrus aurantifolia Swingle) for the Quality Attributes Under Subtropical Conditions of Jammu Province

Abstract :

Genetic variability in available germplasm must be studied in order to develop improved cultivars through planned breeding programmes. As a result, the research work was carried out to evaluate the quality parameters of acid lime genotypes. Total of seventy lime genotypes were selected randomly from different areas of Jammu region. Results of the study revealed that among leaf characters most of the genotypes had medium colour of leaf blade and elliptic lamina shape. Among biochemical characters, highest TSS (8.890brix) was found in genotype JMU-Nag(70) and lowest TSS was observed in genotype JMU-Kat (14) (6.300brix). The genotype JMU-Log (4) had the lowest acidity (6.18 percent), while genotype JMU-Nag had the highest acidity (8.35 percent) (70). The highest content of ascorbic acid (36.81 mg/100ml juice) content was found in genotype JMU-Nag (70), maximum juice per cent (57.13 per cent) was recorded in the genotype JMU-Nag(70) and the highest pH (3.71) was observed in genotype JMU-Balli(62). Hence, the overall studies indicated that the genotype JMU-Nag(70), JMU-Jib(36) and JMU-Pana(41) being productive and superior in quality stands for selection and further improvement.

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