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Title : Evaluation of single axle tractor handle vibration characteristic and effect of soil and machine parameters on the vibration

Abstract :

The vibration characteristics, along with their impact parameters, such as soil moisture content and forward speed of the tractor, were analyzed to assess the effect of these parameters on a single-axle tractor vibration. The goal of the research was to examine the vibration characteristics and their relationship to parameters such as soil moisture content and onward speed of the tractor. Measured vibration data with 2nd and 3rd gears tractor operations were analyzed using the time and frequency domain. From the measurement and time-domain results, it was observed that the highest vibration of the single axle was in the vertical direction, while the lowest value was in the forward direction. From the frequency domain, peak vibration was detected in the frequency range below 25 Hz in all three directions. The maximum peak was detected in a vertical direction while the smallest value was in a forward direction but at the same frequencies with third gear. This frequency range, which is in the highest range of frequency weighing as indicated International Standard Organization, with a total value of 33 m/s2 are believed to be efficiently conveyed to the forearms, shoulders, neck, and head of an operator. This will have adverse health effects on the operators of single-axle tractors. The smallest latency period axle of tractor operators observed with third gear and operating with the third gear vibration is more severe than second gear.

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