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Title : Evaluation of seed quality in artificial aged seeds (accelerated ageing techniques) of Chickpea during invigoration

Abstract :

The laboratory trial was conducted in the State Seed Testing Laboratory during rabi season 2018, to normalize the best treatment of plant development controller with preparing explicit to Chickpea (Pusa-362). Initially, Relative humidity (90% RH), distinctive temperature (350 and 400 C), Days (2,4 days) are utilized for seed aging after that utilized hormonal preparing viz; gibberellic acid (GA3) and salicylic acid (SA), to improve germination and seedling characters. Two plant growth regulators, GA3 and SA with control (untreated) were assessed by screening 12 hrs hour and 100 ppm fixation. In this trial utilized various conditions viz; T1-Temperature (350C), T2-Temperature (400C), H1 - Humidity (90% RH), D1-Duration (2 Days), D2-Duration (2 Days), P1-Gibberllic Acid, P2-Salicylic Acid, with various treatments viz; To - control (untreated), T1 - H1T1D1, T2 - H1T1D2, T3 - H1T2D1, T4 - H1T2D2, T5 - P1H1T1D1, T6 - P1H1T1D2, T7 - P1H1T2D1, T8 - P1H1T2D2, T9 - P2H1T1D1, T10 - P2H1T1D2, T11 - P2H1T2D1, T12 - P2H1T2D2. It was demonstrated that all the treatment indicated significant differences with the control and the most elevated germination percent, seedling length, seedling fresh weight, seedling dry weight, Vigour index were estimated for (GA3) T5 - P1H1T1D1. Pre-sowing treatment with PGRs effective on aged seeds, its straight forwardness and hormones could be utilized as a basic technique to identified with a helpless germination and seedling foundation and aides in continuing farming and financially low expense and monetary, non-poisonous, eco-friendly sources.

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