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Title : Evaluation of paper mill sludge, calcium silicate, and stromatolyte as a liming material

Abstract :

Soil acidity is one of the major problems of South East Asia, especially India, Nepal, Srilanka, Bhutan, and adjoining areas. However, limiting is a costly practice managed through industrial and natural sources. Our study attempted to evaluate the effectiveness of three cheap and readily available liming materials viz paper mill sludge, calcium silicate, and stromatolite under laboratory conditions. Acid soil (pH-4.50) collected from Malkangiri, Odisha, was amended with liming materials following an utterly random design that consisted of six different treatment combinations replicated thrice. All the necessary observations were made on a fortnightly basis following standard procedures. The results indicated that amongst the liming material used, paper mill sludge application tremendously increased the soil pH from 6 to 7.1 when applied at an equal dose of the tested liming materials. The neutralizing value of Papermill sludge, stromatolyte, and calcium silicate was 60, 80, and 80 percent, respectively. Although liming is costly practice, it is also evident that regular liming is not pleasant for farmers and crops. Therefore, when employed, a double dose of lime requirements has shown skewed increment in soil reaction favouring farmer, crop, and soil environment as a whole. In the control treatment, no change occurred, but the application of F.Y.M. due to buffering property neutralized the exchange acidity, acidity due to Al+3, acidity due to H+ and raised the pH slightly. The application of liming materials at two doses neutralized the exchange acidity 1.10 to 0.62cmol(P+)/kg with calcium silicate followed by 1.12 to 0.90 cmol(P+)/kg withstromatolyte, followed by 1.12 to 0.90cmol(P+)/kg with paper mill sludge. The acidity due to Al+3 0.61 to 0.42cmol(P+)/kg withstromatolyte, followed by 0.61 to 0.50with calcium silicate, followed by 0.63 to 0.51cmol(P+)/kg with paper mill sludge. The acidity due to H+ 0.48 to 0.45cmol(P+)/kg withstromatolyte, followed by 0.46 to 0.38 cmol(P+)/kg with paper mill sludge followed by 0.46 to 0.12cmol(P+)/kg with calcium silicate. The pH from 5.0 to 5.9 withstromatolyte, followed by 5.2 to 6.0 with calcium silicate, followed by 5.0 to 6.1with paper mill sludge. The double dose of liming material @ 0.2 LR with F.Y.M. gives the highest pH and neutralization of H+& Al+3 compared to the single-dose @ 0.1 LR.

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