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Title : Evaluation of growth performance and mineral accumulation of broilers fed chromium

Abstract :

A total of 360 day old straight run Vencobb broiler chicks were randomly allocated to six treatment groups with three replicates of 20 birds in each to study and compare the effect of chromium from three sources(inorganic, organic or nano) at two different dosage level on performance, and tissue accumulation in broiler chickens. The trial lasted for 6 weeks. The control group (T1) was given with the standard broiler diet while the other groups were supplemented with chromium(Cr) at 200 µg/kg (inorganic chromiumchloride-T2, organic chromiumpropionate (CrProp)-T3, chromiumpicolinate (CrPic)-T4 and nanochromium(nanoCr-T6) and 100 µg/kg (nanoCr-T5) diets. The results showed significantly increased body weight gain, decreased feed consumption and improved feed efficiency in nanoCr followed by organic and inorganic Cr supplemented groups. The Cr content in the plasma and liver was significantly increased by nanoCr followed by organic CrPic (200 µg/kg) supplemented groups while Cr in thigh muscle was increased by both nanoCr and organic CrPic (200 µg/kg) and that of breast muscle was increased by all Cr fed groups. It can be suggested that the addition of chromium to soya bean and maize diets improves the performance of broilers with increased plasma, liver and muscle tissue accumulation.

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