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Title : Enhancement of Antenna Gain using Partial Removal of Substrate Technique for V2X Applications

Abstract :

This paper presents a CPW-fed antenna with enhanced gain for sub-6GHz band wireless and vehicular safety applications. In the antenna design, partial removal of substrate technique is incorporated to obtain improved gain values and omnidirectional characteristics. Initially, a basic CPW-fed antenna is designed, which operates in the band of frequencies from 3 GHz to 6.41 GHz exhibits poor impedance matching. This antenna radiates lesser gain values at the upper resonating band above 5.6 GHz. Further improvement of broadside gain can be enhanced by a factor of 2.49 dB at 5.9 GHz DSRC band using partial removal of substrate technique. And the antenna impedance matching is greatly improved in the range of frequencies from 2.71 GHz to 7.43 GHz. The measurement results of the fabricated prototype show a good match with simulated results. The antenna is located on the vehicle (car) rooftop in a virtual atmosphere with the help of the ANSYS SAVANT tool and investigated 2D-radiation patterns and 3D-gain plots. The same antenna is located at two positions of the car model and obtained the antenna to antenna coupling factor, which is well below -30 dB.

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