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Title : Energy Use, Efficiency, and Distribution in Malaysian Oil Palm Cultivation

Abstract :

Effective energy management is critical for oil palm cultivation in long- term productivity and profitability. It is imperative to perform investigations into where, when, why and how the energy is being used in the oil palm cultivation activity. This study presents energy use analyses in oil palm nursery and field cultivation in Malaysia. The data of energy inputs use in the oil palm cultivation were retrieved using a combination of actual field measurements and secondary source documents from relevant reputable publications. Annual total energy inputs for a complete oil palm field cultivation was estimated to be 1118.34 MJ/palm/year. Oil palm field cultivation takes the largest share with 99.27% (1110.18 MJ/palm) of the total energy input while oil palm nursery cultivation was 0.73% (8.16 MJ/seed). Machinery utilization is the primary source of energy input in oil palm nursery and field cultivation, accounting for 90.29 % and 96.08% of the total energy inputs, respectively. The energy efficiency of the oil palm cultivation is 4.38, which is considered as an energy-efficient crop cultivation since the output-input ratio is larger than one.

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