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Title : Energetics of different cropping systems as affected by resource conservation practices under sub-tropical conditions of Jammu Region

Abstract :

A field study was conducted (2012-14) on “energetics of different cropping systems under resource conservation practices” at the research farm, FSR, Centre, Sher-e-Kashmir University of Agricultural Sciences and Technology of Jammu, Main Campus, Chatha, Jammu, India. The experiment was laid out in split-plot design with two crop establishment methods (Minimum/Zero tillage and conventional tillage) and three cropping systems (Rice-Wheat, Rice-Marigold-French bean and Maize + soybean -Wheat) and two fertilizer rates (Rec. Dose of Fertilizer and 75% RDF + 25% N through FYM) with and without mulching in sub-plots under clay loam soil having alkaline in reaction (pH-8.1), medium in soil organic carbon (0.55%) available P (19.20 Kg ha-1 & K(122.0 Kg ha-1) and low in available N (221.12 Kg ha-1) with three replication The maximum input energy (105241 MJ) was recorded under mulched treatment and the maximum EUE was recorded 7.69 % and 7.01 % under maize + soybean - wheat cropping system followed by rice-wheat cropping system (7.49 % and 6.87 %) during first and second year of experimentation, respectively.

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