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Title : Electrostatic Pollen Collector for Tomato Under Greenhouse Condition

Abstract :

The problems in fruit setting with artificial pollination (contact type) can be eradicated by the application of electrostatic forces (non – contact type), hence the study was undertaken to develop an electrostatic pollinator and tested for tomato under polyhouse condition. Morphological characteristics of these flowers were studied for design of pollinator. A high voltage amplification unit with flyback transformer and MOSFET, a spherical shaped electrode and a DC input source were the major components of the developed electrostatic pollinator. The pollen collection capacity of two electrodes E1 (10 mm) and E2 (7.5 mm) were evaluated at voltage potentials of 3 kV, 4 kV, 5 kV and 6 kV at 5 mm, 10 mm and 15 mm distance from the anther tip of flower. The maximum number of pollens (409) was collected by electrode E1 with a charging potential of 6 kV at 5 mm distance. This high pollen collection rate was due to high detaching forces acting on the pollen grains at shorter distance between the anther tip and electrode. The pollen collection capacity was minimum (87) for electrode E2 with an electrode potential of 3 kV at 15 mm distance.

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