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Title : Electronic and mechanical design of high-stability piezoelectric energy harvesting title

Abstract :

Piezoelectric energy harvesters are promising for converting the power of pedestrian footsteps or car moving on the road in to electricity. However, existing piezoelectric energy harvesters have limitation of poor durability. In this paper, to overcome that issue, a piezoelectric energy harvester using a flexible piezoelectric sensor is designed and fabricated in a tile protype with the indirect-touch points and a protective spring. The electrical output of the proposed harvester is examined as a function of pressure, displacement, and load resistance. The maximum output voltage and maximum output power are obtained to be 6.8 V and 4.5 mW, respectively at a pressure of 70 kPa, a displacement of 2.5 mm, and a load resistor of 15 k. The designed structure brings about the limitation of destroying risk piezoelectric sensor during operating. As a result, the harvester tile can work properly even after 500 cycles. Furthermore, for demonstration of practical application, the tile is putted on the floor of the overpass and walking tunnel. The electrical energy harvested from the pedestrian footsteps can power up a LED lighting.

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