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Title : Effects of shading in winter on the growth and cold resistance of tea plants

Abstract :

Screen shading can be an effective tool for tea cultivation. However, articles related to this topic are very few, especially the study of winter shading. Therefore, the objectives of this study are to assess the growth impacts of tea plants by deploying different shading screens on the tea canopy. Moreover, another objective is to assess the effects of shading screens on the reduction of freezing injury of tea plants. Black and green color screens, having shading levels of 35%, 55% and 70%, were deployed over tea cultivar: ‘Jin Guanyin’. The unshaded/control (CK) tea plants were also monitored to compare it with the screen shaded tea plants. Index of injury (It) was measured in tea leaves to assess cold/freeze injury. To measure index of injury (It), the tea leaf segments were frozen at –6, –8, and –10 °C for 1 h. Leaf area measurement is one of the essential aspects to observe the growth and development of plants. Therefore, tea leaf area was studied to assess the influence of shading screen on leaf growth uniformity. The results show that: (1) The results of index of injury (It) were found rational from the sampled tea leaves at three different freezing temperatures (e.g., –6 °C, –8 °C and –10 °C). Black-35% treatments showed relatively lower It than other treatments. Hence, the black-35% screens as an effective tool for decreasing freezing damage compared to non-shading treatment (CK). (2) Uniformity of leaf area was analyzed to investigate the effect of shading screens to tea growth. Leaf under black-70% screen showed a good shape. Because plotting the leaf area against leaf length (L), width (W) and (L × W), gave R2 values as 0.9553, 0.8935 and 0.9875 respectively under black-70% screen.

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