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Title : Effects of pre-milling microwave dosage on dehulling of chickpea and pigeon pea

Abstract :

This research was undertaken to examine the effect of microwave dosage as pre-milling treatments on chickpea and pigeon pea dehulling to analyse the dehulling parameters. The experiments were conducted for pre-milling treatments of chickpea and pigeon pea at different microwave dosage range from 103.85 J/s to 560.77 J/s to evaluate dehulling parameters viz. surface temperature, dehulling yield, dhal yield, and dehulling loss. It was noted that the average surface temperature of chickpea increased from 56.3 to 132.11oC for chickpea and from 58.12 to 126.99ºC for pigeon pea, respectively, with increased microwave dosage in this range of microwave dosage. The highest dehulling yield, 71.02%, for chickpea was achieved at 207.69 J/s microwave dosage and 63.46% at 467.31 J/s microwave dosage and found maximum dhal yields, i.e., 66.40%, at 207.69 J/s for chickpea and 62.30% at 467.31 J/s for pigeon pea with a minimum dehulling loss 10.25% at 560.77 J/s for chickpea and 4.61% at 103.85 J/s for pigeon pea. Hence, microwave pre-milling treatment is recommended for continuous type pre-milling treatments with the dehulling operation to replace existing pre-milling methods and further develop one continuous type pre-milling treatment system in the pre-milling process; it also confers and gets attention over traditional one’s methods during pulse processing as non-chemical alternatives for commercial adoption in the near future.

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