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Title : Effectiveness of different packages against some stored product insects

Abstract :

The current study evaluated the effect of packing materials on tested insects. All packages resist the penetration of T. castaneum adults for 15 days post treatment (release of insects). The examination of the all packing materials illustrates that T. castaneum adults failed to penetrate inside the package and there are no any holes except sack cloth package where twenty T. castaneum adults enabled to enter inside after five weeks. T. castaneum could not penetrate any of the packages. Also there were no holes in any of the packages. The average number of the rusty flour beetle inside all types of tested packages indicated that there was no development of it, as its number ranged between 1 to 7.33 compared to the average number inside. The findings indicated to the effectiveness of the all packages used compared to sackcloth bag. Additionally results showed that both adults and larvae of T. castaneum failed to puncture any of the used packages. There is no any holes or insect adults inside the all packages, but the all S. oryzae adults succeeded to enter into sack cloth package. The all packages under study showed high effectiveness against T. castaneum and its larvae, followed by S. oryzae and R. dominica.

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