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Title : Effect of Vegetable Based Vital Ingredients On Functional Pizza Cheese (Processed) - Cost Benefit Analysis And Consumer Acceptability

Abstract :

Pizza cheese (processed) with incorporation of vegetable based vital ingredients has lot of health benefits. From the economic analysis of this product, it was found that initial capital investment in starting the business was 40 lakhs. The proportion of fixed and variable cost was 4.38 per cent and 95.62 per cent, respectively. Final cost of production of optimized pizza cheese (processed) was worked out to be 450.48 per kg. Through selling of pizza cheese (processed) and whey, estimated returns were 48720. Considering the prevailing market price of pizza cheese (processed) to be 480 per kg, a profit of 36.72 per kg could be obtained which is a good profit margin for the commercial viability and sustainability of the product. Benefit cost ratio was observed to be 1.08 which is quite higher than one indicating good viability of the investment. The breakeven output was calculated as 34.95 kg of product with a margin of safety of 65.05 per cent which is quite high indicating that the business is secure and less risky. Consumer acceptability studies showed that among them, 55 per cent suggested to add variety of vegetables and seasoning in pizza, 25 per cent suggested to add more cheese and 20 per cent suggested to reduce the odor in cheese to increase the acceptability of the developed product. From the research findings, it was concluded that this product has potential marketability to start the business for income generation of the dairy entrepreneurs.

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