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Title : Effect of supplementation of different Organic Trace Minerals on Production Performance, Immune Response, Carcass characteristics and Cost Economics of Commercial Broilers

Abstract :

An experiment was conducted to investigate the comparative performance of commercial broilers fed KemTrace (mineral propionate) with other organic minerals. The feeding trial was conducted for a period of six weeks with 672 chicks allotted to seven experimental groups each with 12 replicates and each replicate consisting of 8 birds in a completely randomized design. The diets of the treatments were : T1-Basal diet with Blend A (Inorganic- sulphates, oxides and carbonates) @1000gm/mt; T2-Basal diet with Blend B (Proteinates) @500 gm/mt. ; T3- basal diet with Blend C (Propionates with antioxidants)@250 gm/mt.; T4- Basal diet with blend D (same as T3 but produced in different process) @350 gm/mt.: T5-Basal diet with Blend E (Propionates, Fumarates with antioxidant) @250gm/mt.: T6-Basal diet with Blend F (Propionates, Fumarates with antioxidant) @500 gm/mt.; T-7 Basal diet with blend G (Butyrates, Propionate, Fumarates with antioxidants) @500 gm/mt of feed. Parameters like growth performance, carcass yield, immune status and trace mineral retention in organs were observed in the broilers. The collected data were analysed using SPSS software Programme version 17.0 and interpreted. The commercial broilers supplemented with metal propionate form of organic mineral performed better than other organic mineral supplementations on growth performance and immune response. Metal propionate form of organic mineral supplemented broilers also showed significantly higher performance on carcass quality and cost economics than other organic mineral supplementations.

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