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Title : Effect of stabilization methods on bioactive components and stability indicators of wheat bran

Abstract :

The present investigation was undertaken with the objective to determine the best stabilization method which would safely preserve the wheat bran. For the stabilization of wheat bran, different methods (microwave heating (2450 MHz for 3 minutes), hot air oven (120℃ for 10 minutes), autoclave (121℃ at 15 psi), roasting (190℃ for 10 minutes) and chemical (ethanol 95%) were used and their effect on bioactive components and stability indicators were studied. The results showed significant increase in water activity from 0.542 to 0.607, moisture content from 7.19 to 7.88 %, free fatty acid (4.88 to 7.08 % as oleic acid), peroxide value (3.22 to 11.25 meq/Kg) during 90 days of storage. Among stabilization methods, the total phenolic content and antioxidant activity varied from 168.38 to 356.70 mg GAE/100g and 38.31 to 56.56%, respectively. Considering the role of water activity, moisture, free fatty acid, peroxide value and total microbial count in storage stability, microwave stabilization was found to be the most effective stabilization methods, followed by hot air oven and autoclave methods. After 90 days of storage, stabilized wheat bran samples were found to be shelf stable.

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