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Title : Effect of Roasting on Physico-Chemical Properties and Bioactive Components of Brown Rice, Oats and Flaxseeds

Abstract :

Roasting is a process of dry heat treatment which involves high temperature and short time which lead to an increase in characteristic aroma, colour and texture in the food grains. The present study was undertaken to investigate the effect of roasting on the physico-chemical properties and bioactive components of brown rice, oats and flaxseeds. The effect of roasting on physico-chemical properties (colour values viz., L*, a*, b*, moisture, protein, fat, fibre, ash content, carbohydrates and energy value) and bioactive components (total phenolic content and antioxidant activity) was evaluated. The changes in colour values were observed and it was found that the L* value of brown rice, oats and flaxseeds decreased from 56.23, 75.20 and 44.36 to 53.78, 69.63 and 33.15, respectively, whereas a* values increased after roasting. The bioactive components viz., total phenolic content and antioxidant activity became higher in roasted brown rice, oats and flaxseeds and the values for total phenolic content increased from 75.21 to 76.03 mg GAE/100g, 95.00 to 96.29 mg GAE/100g and 3.75 to 4.28 mg GAE/100g, respectively, whereas the values for antioxidant activities increased from 49.78 to 50.39 %, 14.28 to 15.86 % and 76.19 to 76.92 %, respectively for brown rice, oats and flaxseeds.

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