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Title : Effect of Pruning Intensities on Growth, Yield and Quality of Kinnow in the Plains of North Western Himalayas.

Abstract :

Pruning is a technique used in orchards to control growth and stimulate the formation of new shoots and buds by removing dead or diseased wood. It has the common objectives of manipulating the vegetative or reproductive growth. The research work was carried out to quantify the pruning intensity and level on the quality and yield in Kinnow fruit crop was studied in Division of Fruit Science at Advanced Centre for Horticulture, SKUAST-J, Udheywalla Jammu, UT of J& K, India. The results showed that pruning had a substantial effect on the growth of kinnow plants and results in progressive increase in shoot length (0.88 m), shoot girth (2.42 cm), no. of leaves/shoot (43.27), no. of buds/shoot (60.55), time of emergence of shoot (9.29 days), no. of shoots produced (52.92), total no. of shoots (298.53) which were recorded with plants pruned @ 20 per cent intensity on 1st January while, highest fruit yield per tree (34.83 kg/plant) and and physico-chemical characteristics viz., number of fruits/plant (185.00), fruit length (6.18 cm), fruit breadth (6.60 cm), fruit weight (191.88 g), fruit volume (183.15 cc), juice (51.15 %), specific gravity (0.95), TSS (10.89o brix), acidity (1.39 percent), total Sugar (8.58 percent) and vitamin C (26.38 per 100 g of juice) were recorded highest with the kinnow trees pruned @ 20 per cent intensity on 15th January and appeared to be the best time and method to obtain maximum yield and quality of Kinnow fruit under north western shivalik regions of India.

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