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Title : Effect of Modification of Marinated Seasoning on the Formation of Malondialdehyde Compounds and Psychochemical Quality in Buffalo Meat Empal

Abstract :

Empal is one of traditional food in Indonesia. Empal is processed from meat that is cut slightly flat after being boiled and seasoned. The method of processing meat for empal in society generally uses high and varied heating. The use of excessive heat can lead to a decrease in the quality of processed meat and the formation of various free radicals that can harm public health, this condition can be seen from the presence of malondialdehyde compounds (MDA) and other psychochemical parameters. This study aims to evaluate the role of marinade by using local seasoning in buffalo meat in inhibiting the formation of toxic compounds and changes in the nutritional value of buffalo meat empal during processing. This research was conducted using a randomized block design with 2 treatments of marinated spice formula; formula I and formula II and 3 replications. Marinated samples showed an increase in water content, hardness, cooking yield and antioxidant activity. On the other hand, it reduces the pH, MDA and fat content. The conclusion of this study showed that the spice formula I was more efficient in reducing MDA levels and increasing the antioxidant activity of buffalo meat empal samples.

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