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Title : Effect of Genotypes under Varying Fertility Levels and Bio-fertilizer Inoculation on Nutrient Content, Nutrient Soil Status and Quality of Mustard {Brassica juncea (L.) Czern & Coss.}

Abstract :

Mustard is second most important edible oil seed crop after soybean and known by the name of Indian mustard. It’s very useful for human health and making food. There were several genotypes, fertilizer and bio-fertilizer are used in this experiment. The objective of this experiment is that response of genotypes and bio-fertilizer on yield of mustard. The experiment was conducted in Rabi October 2020 in humid and sub humid condition. The experiment used a factorial randomized block design with three replications and two factors. The first factor was four genotypes of mustard (Bio-902, Giriraj, RH-0749 and NRCHB-101) and second factor was four fertility levels (75% RDF, 100% RDF, 75% RDF + Bio-fertilizer and 100% RDF + Bio-fertilizer). The maximum seed yield, nutrient uptake, available nutrient in soil and oil content were obtained under the genotype Giriraj and fertilizer 100 % RDF + Bio-fertilizer. Hence, genotype Giriraj with the application of 100% RDF + Bio-fertilizer were proved economically viable in mustard crop under prevailing agro-climatic conditions of Rajasthan.

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