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Title : Effect of drought on Cotton Genotypes under field condition

Abstract :

The cotton grow in drought condition is a matter of interest to research workers due to in short supply of water to cotton grow in area to area and a solemn problem in rainfed cotton growing area. The field experiment was laid down that the twenty genotypes grown in randomized block design with three replications during Kharif season of 2016-17 and 2017-18. The investigations gained on effect of drought on cotton genotypes parameters viz., plant height, monopodia, sympodia, dry matter production and seed cotton yield were recorded under field condition. In the investigations what could wondering possibility to maximum 137.33cm, 2.54 and 111.91g in TSH-324 and RHC-1217, plant height, monopodiaplant-1and dry matter production, while the minimum 79.66cm, 0.21 and 83.73g in JK-4, AR-9108 and L-799, noticed in the genotype. Apart from this, maximum number of sympodia plant-1(26.43) and seed cotton yield 1803.35 kg ha-1 recorded in the genotype JK-4 while the minimum number of sympodia per plant and seed cotton yield recorded in the genotype L-1384 that were 19.96 and 742.14 kg/ha respectively. The genotype JK-4 is statistically significant superior over rest genotypes. From this investigation, JK-4 genotype is suitable to cultivate in Malwa-Nimar region under drought condition in respect to seed cotton yield.

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