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Title : Effect of different nutrient management levels on growth, yield, economics and water use efficiency of wheat cultivars

Abstract :

A field experiment was conducted during the winter season of 2015-16 at the student’s instructional farm of Chandra Shekhar Azad University of Agriculture and Technology, Kanpur, to find a suitable combination of chemical and organic nutritional sources for wheat (Triticum aestivm L.). The experiment was conducted under a split-plot design with three replications, treatments comprising of two irrigation levels (I1- CRI, Booting and Milking stages and I2- CRI, Maximum Tillering, Booting and Milking stages) in main plots, two varieties (K 402 and K 1006) in sub-plots and four fertility levels (F₁ - 100% RDF, F₂ - 50% RDF + 5t FYM, F₃ - 50% RDF + 50% RDN, F₄ - 50% RDF + 50% RDN + 5t FYM) in sub-plots. Application of 50%RDF + 50% RDN + 5t FYM recorded signification higher growth and yield parameters, grain (5.22 Mg ha-1) and straw yield (7.39 Mg ha-1) of wheat. The net income (70,270 Rs ha-1) and benefit: cost ratio (1:2.5), irrigation water use (54.4 cm ha-1) and water use efficiency (9.6 kg ha-1mm) were also highest with 50%RDF + 50% RDN + 5t FYM followed by 50% RDF + 5t FYM. However, variety K-1006 performed better than k-402 with all treatment combinations.

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