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Title : Effect of Different Liquid Biofertilizers and Varying Fertility on Yield of Cluster Bean [Cyamopsis tetragonoloba (L.) Taub]

Abstract :

The experiment was conducted on farm of Rajasthan Agricultural Research Institute (RARI), Durgapura, Jaipur (Raj.) to study the effect of different liquid biofertilizers and fertility levels on growth, yield and quality of cluster bean (Cymopsis tetragonoloba). The test crops were raised on field during july to november kharif-2018 and 2019. The experiment was laid out in factorial randomized block design (FRBD). The treatment details of experiment comprised with two factors (1) eight treatment of liquid biofertilizer: control-no biofertilizers (L0), Rhizobium (L 1), PSB-phosphorus solubilizing bacteria (L2), KMB-potassium solubilizing bacteria (L 3), SSB-sulphur solubilizing bacteria (L 4) , Rhizobium + PSB (L 5 ), Rhizobium + PSB+ KMB (L 6 ) and Rhizobium + PSB+ KMB + SSB (L 7) and (2) three treatment of fertility levels: 100 % recommended dose of fertilizers (F1),75% RDF (F2) and 50 % RDF (F3) and total number of treatment were 24. The maximum increase in yield attributes viz., seed yield (kg ha-1), straw yield (kg ha-1) and biological yield (kg ha-1) observed in 100 % RDF (F1) with Rhizobium + PSB+ KMB + SSB (L 7) but the combination of 75% RDF with Rhizobium + PSB+ KMB + SSB (L 7) found the similar effect with 100% RDF with Rhizobium + PSB+ KMB + SSB (L 7). However, the combined treatment of 75% RDF with Rhizobium + PSB+ KMB + SSB (L 7) noticed significantly superior than other treatment.

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