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Title : Effect of Dietary Iron on Growth and Survival Rate of Snubnose Pompano Trachinotus blochii (Lacepède, 1801)

Abstract :

Iron is the most essential trace element for the physiological and biochemical functions of fish. Iron can be absorbed from the diet as well as the surrounding water, but its uptake by fish gills is relatively low, and its major needs may be from the digestive tract. This study examined the influence of iron added to food on the growth and survival rate of snubnose pompano Trachinotus blochii. The fishes (initial length 7.51±0.39 cm, initial weight 72.00±3.06 g) were treated in cages (1 x 1 x 1 m) at the density of 30 fishes for each cage. Five levels of iron (0 - control, 30, 60, 90, 120 và 150 mg Fe/kg dry feed) were supplemented to control the diet and to feed the fishes for 8 weeks. Results indicated that the level of 90 mg Fe/kg dry feed was an appropriate dose for the growth rate of snubnose pompano. However, the addition of iron to the feed might not affect their survival rate.

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