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Title : Effect of Chitosan and Mulching on Yield attributing characters and Yield Of Sweet pepper

Abstract :

Field experiments were carried out to study the effect of Chitosan and mulching on yield attributing characters and yield of sweet pepper (CV. Indra) in Rayagada district of Southern Odisha during September-January of 2019-20 and 2020-21. The experiments were laid out in Factorial Randomized Block Design with three replications and twelve treatments viz., T1: No mulch + No Chitosan, T2: No mulch + Chitosan@ 20PPM, T3: No mulch + Chitosan@40PPM, T4: No mulch + Chitosan@60PPM, T5: Silver Plastic mulch + No Chitosan, T6: Silver Plastic mulch+ Chitosan @20 PPM, T7: Silver Plastic Mulch +Chitosan @ 40 PPM, T8: Silver Plastic Mulch + Chitosan @ 60PPM, T9: Paddy Straw Mulch@ 7.5t/ha + No Chitosan, T10: Paddy Straw mulch @ 7.5t/ha + Chitosan @ 20PPM, T11: Paddy Straw Mulch@ 7.5t/ha + Chitosan @ 40PPM, T12: Paddy Straw Mulch @ 7.5t/ha + Chitosan @ 60PPM. The present study revealed that the maximum plant height (48.62 cm) was obtained with Paddy straw mulch + Chitosan 60PPM, where as maximum fruiting branches (8.20), maximum fruit weight (106.80g), polar diameter (7.75cm), shoulder diameter (6.51cm) and fruit yield (31.55t/ha) was recorded with Silver Plastic Mulch + Chitosan @ 40 PPM. The less the number of days required for flowering and fruiting the fruit can reach the market early and can fetch higher price which was directly related to higher return to the farmer and it was obtained by application of Chitosan @ 60 PPM with silver plastic mulching (21.9 days for flowering and 52.7 days for fruiting).

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